Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tomatoes and Peppers

tomatoes and peppers @ 17 days
We started the tomato and pepper seeds on March 4th. The container was suspended on a cooling rack over a heating duct until the seeds sprouted, and then we assembled a mini-greenhouse to get them going. It consists of two sawhorses to which three sets of 4' fluorescent lights were suspended between, with an old shower curtain draped over the top to keep the heat from a small oil heater inside the compartment. A few pieces of old styrofoam were laid on top of the shower curtain for insulation, and the seed container was set on top of our recycling bin to get it off the floor and up where the heat was. We could maintain the temperature between 75-80 °F, and used a timer to turn the lights on and off so the plants got 16 hours of light per day. The difference between this year's seedlings and past year's is remarkable, due to keeping them at such a warm temperature. After two weeks, the tomatoes are putting out their second and third set of new leaves. The tomatoes will be ready for re-potting this coming weekend.

From L to R:
  • bell peppers
  • Padrón peppers
  • cayenne peppers
  • Garden Peach tomato
  • Orange Blossom tomato
  • Red Cherry tomato
  • Black Cherry tomato
  • Sun Gold cherry tomato
  • Yellow Pear cherry tomato
  • Red Defiant tomato, and
  • Black Krim tomato
re-potted tomatoes and peppers @ 20 days
The tomatoes and peppers have been re-potted, four each of the tomato varieties (32 plants), three each of the bell and cayenne peppers, and six of the Padrón peppers.

The last of these peppers are small and green and shaped like a jalapeño. They are mild, but every once in a while, one will be hot. They originated in Padrón in NW Spain. When we were in Galicia in June 2003, every bar and restaurant served them fried in olive oil with sea salt. They are a perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or a glass of Albariño from Rías Baixas.

fried pimientos de Padrón

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