Monday, March 5, 2012

Day Hike up Flatrock Run

Flatrock Run - March 3, 2012
We spent Saturday walking up Flatrock Run with our friends Rick and Karen. It had rained hard the night before, so there was a lot of water in the run and on the trails. Flatrock Run is directly opposite Dogs Run Farm across Red Creek. It is a very pleasant and easy hike, and goes into and through the new Roaring Plains West Wilderness area. The trail ultimately ends up on top of Roaring Plains, but there is a water crossing that would have been impossibly dangerous on Saturday with the run so high. The weather was perfect; sunny in the mid-30's. Here is a picture of Flatrock Run cascading over rocks in the (Nikon 70 mm lens, f/32, 1/6 s, ISO 200).

On the way down, we saw a juvenile bald eagle soaring on updrafts, and the dogs got up a flock of about 12-15 wild turkeys.

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