Thursday, May 19, 2011

Work Weekend

We are off to the property this evening for a long working weekend. We need to finish planting the garden, all seed plants now, check on the potatoes and mound up soil, and probably pull up some weeds and till around the existing plants.

The split-rail fence needs to be finished, so we will have to head into Beverly to get more fencing. Yes! Digging holes. Rob's favorite thing to do.

Hopefully, we will find some time to at least hike around the property, if not head up into Dolly Sods or Red Creek Plains for a longer hike. The woods should be beautiful now, with all the trees either out of leafing out. There will be lots of new wildflowers, and the fruit trees should be fully in leaf. To the right is a map of the SW corner of Dolly Sods, the part closest to us.

The wood-stove was cleaned-up last visit, assuming* that the need for heat was past, but given the forecast, we may be burning it at night. It's hard to get good forecasts for the property, because of the microclimate that exists in the valley we live in. The nearest "big" city is Elkins (population 7,000), and it is over four mountain ranges, 1000' down in elevation, and 30 miles away, so the Elkins forecast is largely useless. At least we can get internet signal to look at and the local radar.

We will certainly get over to Davis to have dinner at Sirianni's Pizza one evening.

* "In every assumption is contained the possibility of its opposite." Pam Houston, How to Talk to a Cowboy

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