Sunday, May 24, 2015

Variety of Foods in the 2015 Gardens

This year, we are growing the following vegetables and fruits, some more seriously than others. The number in parentheses is the number of varieties of that particular plant we are growing.

Apples (4) Eggplant (3) Peas
Arugula Fava beans Peppers (6)
Asparagus Horseradish Plums (3)
Basil Kale (2) Potatoes (6)
Beets (2) Lavender Radishes
Blueberries Leeks Raspberries
Broccoli raab Lemons Rhubarb
Brussels sprouts Lettuces Rosemary
Bush beans (3) Limes Sage
Cabbage (4) Lovage Sorrel
Carrots Mint Soy beans
Cherries (3) Onions (3) Strawberries
Chives Oregano Swiss chard
Cucumbers (2) Parsley Thyme
Dill Pears (2) Tomatoes (7)

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