Sunday, October 20, 2013

Factory Meat, Milk & Poultry Production

This is a carefully crafted video that illustrates factory production of meat, milk and poultry.

It is taken from the movie Samsara, which is a Sanskrit word meaning the wheel of life. The movie is a non-verbal documentary made by Ron Fricke. While the film itself appears to be an entertaining visual experience, the cut embedded below is not.

It isn't intended to shock, rather to illustrate visually the assembly line movement of animals through processes. It is not graphic in the sense of gore and cruelty; it is graphic in the sense of the scope and scale of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

If you eat factory farmed meat, I hope this video will give you pause the next time you buy chicken at Kroger or order a hamburger at Burger King. This is not an acceptable means to produce food for people.

The video will undoubtedly leave you speechless. I hope is leaves you with a new perspective.

N.B. It is illegal in most states in the U.S. to take film of CAFOs. The laws that prevent this are called "ag-gag" laws. The people who own and run CAFOs are scared that you might see how meat and milk are produced.

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