Thursday, September 26, 2013

Strange Assortment of Eggs from Our New Chickens

Last April, I bought 15 each of Golden Comet and Barred Rock chicks, and my friend Santos raised them at the horse barn where I ride. We still had two of our original Golden Comets, but their egg production had slowed considerably to at best one per day. On July 3rd, we "switched" chickens, giving Santos our two old ones and bringing home two each of the new varieties. There was no way to introduce new chickens to our coop without lots of fighting, but our two old chickens settled in at the barn without incident.

Around September 1st, one or two of the chickens started laying, and around the 15th of September, another started production. What is strange is the lack of uniformity in the eggs. Mostly, we get large darker brown eggs, but with the addition of our third layer, we've been getting these really small off-white eggs and once we got a gigantic lighter brown egg. I don't know what's up with this, and whether things will settle down to a more uniform size and color.

The chickens are happy, getting all of the vegetable table scraps and trimmings from our garden produce. They still don't like being handled, but they're getting better. We feed them organic layer rations.

In any event, it's good to have fresh eggs again.

UPDATE 10/1: For the first time, we got four eggs, one per hen.

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