Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Spuds

These fingerling potatoes are the last of the 2013 crop to be dug. It's about 1/2 bushel of potatoes.

Overall, this year's potato crop wasn't as bad as we feared after all the April and May rains. I think we probably got 40% of what we could have raised. We've got some plans for the 2014 planting that don't involve putting the potatoes into deep trenches, which are vulnerable to flooding. It seems that you can shallowly bury the seed potatoes and cover the whole bed with straw and more dirt. The yield is lowered relative to conventional methods, but we shouldn't have a flooding problem with heavy rains.

(As a note, we received more than 10" of rain on the farm during the month of August. Since the rain gauge was installed in early May, we've had nearly 22" of rain, for an average of about 1.25"/week.)

As another note, here is a bit of food porn. This is what we did with our potatoes, poblano chilies, cheese, cherry tomatoes, cumin & onion: potato stuffed roasted poblano peppers baked on a bed of sauteed onions and tomatoes. Email me if you would like the recipe.

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