Sunday, December 9, 2012

Farm Truck

This past Saturday, I bought a used truck in nearby Harman. A REAL truck. I'd been looking for some time, and had very specific requirements. It absolutely had to be a 3/4 ton, so that meant either a Ford F250 or Chevy 2500, and I did not want any sort of extended cab. The truck will be for hauling wood and lumber and manure, so I wanted the full 8' bed. Obviously it had to be 4-wheel drive, and in my dreams it would also have a manual transmission, which are very hard to find these days.

Local friends suggested I go talk with Linda Teter at Midway Motors in Harman, and she listened carefully to what I said, wrote it all down, and took my phone number telling me she would find me something. This was back in September. About a month later, I stopped by to see Linda, and she told me she had just the truck I wanted. It needed some work, and so it wasn't until Saturday that it was ready for me to pick-up.

It is a 2005 Chevrolet 2500HD, 4-wheel drive, regular cab, full 8' bed, good off-road tires, 88K miles, and with a manual transmission. Best of all, it's green!

This sucker is BIG (9,200 lbs). This makes my old 4-Runners look like toys. It's got a BIG 6L V8 300 hp engine, a huge cab, and it runs great. I actually had a bit of trouble getting it up our driveway because it had too much power. It laughed at climbing 300' on a muddy road. And, it was a blast driving a manual transmission. This is how I will be able to get a load of horse manure up to the garden or how I can haul a load of 7' locust logs for fencing, or how I'll haul the Prius out of the ditch when it gets stuck in the snow.

This is my new farm truck. Now I can drive my Prius back and forth from Columbus to West Virginia ($40 in gas) rather than my old 4Runner ($100 in gas) and still have a useful vehicle when I get there.


  1. Congratulations! You got the truck you wanted. Thanks to your friends for recommending a person who can look for the vehicle you needed. It makes car shopping easier and stress-free for you. How’s your truck now, anyway?

    Horace Norman @

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