Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seed and Plant Orders

From Miler Nurseries (arrived on the first day of spring – March 20):

blueberry plants (4)
raspberry plants (12)
horseradish root (3)
rhubarb plants (2)
pH meter

From Johnny's Seeds:

King Arthur bell pepper (started March 4)
Red Rocket cayenne pepper (started March 4)
Padron pepper (Spanish) (started March 4)
E-Z Pick green bean
Fordhook lima bean
Red ace red beet (started March 21)
Touchstone golden beet (started March 21)
Churchill Brussels sprouts (start indoors April 1)
Sylvetta arugula
Astro arugula
Allstar gourmet lettuce
Imperial star artichoke (start indoors April 1)

From Jung Seeds:

Nuggets hops vine (will grow on the split-rail fence)
American Bittersweet (will grow on the east side of the barn)

From the Maine Potato Lady:

Laratte fingerling
Red Pontiac
Red Gold
Peanut fingerling
German Butterball

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