Monday, May 16, 2011

Planting/Planning for the Future – Apples

Yellow Transparent apple
In the spring of 2009, we planted four varieties of apples, eight trees total. We planted Grimes Golden, Yellow Transparent, Summer Rambo, and Northern Spy. We bought the trees from Miller Nurseries in New York.

Grimes Golden is a West Virginia native, discovered by Thomas Grimes in Brooke County in 1804. It is one half of the Golden Delicious hybrid. Yellow Transparent is another old variety, originally from Russia or the Baltics, which was introduced in Europe in the early 1800's and to the United States in 1870. Summer Rambo is a French apple, recorded as early as 1535 in the town of Rambure. It was planted as early as 1767 in colonial America. Northern Spy is a pie apple, also known as Red Spy. It was discovered in an orchard in New York, and is originally from Connecticut, circa 1800. Several of the trees bloomed this year, and the trunks are about 1" in diameter. Apples in another couple of years.

The difference between "planning" and "planting" is just one letter, yet they are unrelated etymologically.

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  1. I planted apple trees in Western Mass. and found my favorite local variety at a nearby garden center -- a Macoun. They're juicy like Macintosh's, bur firmer and a little more tart. I wonder if they'd work in W. Va? Then you could grow a lot and bring them back for friends....